Free Phonics Pow Resources – games, charts, bookmarks, and more. Free resources for the Phonics Pow Toolkit – examples of games, worksheets, word sort games, and more.

Phonics Facts – research and literacy statistics

Phonics Focus – videos that focus on phonics skills and resources to teach phonics

Phonics FUNdamentals – learn about phonics with a video, online tutorial and ebooks

Phonics Terms – learn definitions of words important for teaching reading

Sequence for teaching reading – links to resources for specific phonics skills compiled in articles at the Phonics Pow blog

Fun online phonics games – target specific phonics skills and have fun practicing

Apps – including Quizlet, a great way to practice phonics skills with audio

Symbaloos – collections of links to resources at websites

Tutorials – all phonics tutorials at Wakelet. Watch videos and play games for specific phonics patterns.

Word Lists – printable lists for Clip Strips and Word Sorts

Word Search Puzzles – all the links to word searches in one post

Super Tutor Tools – courses, articles, and helpful tools to be a super reading tutor

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