Free Phonics Pow Resources

Resources for the Phonics Pow Toolkit:

Free resources at the Super Tutor Tools store at Teachers Pay Teachers include:

  • ebook: Phonics FUNdamentals
  • Bookmarks: Write the Patterns, Consonant Digraphs (plus word list), Fry Sight Words
  • Charts: (a Phonogram chart, Short/Long Vowel Chart, & Vowel Pattern Chart are included in the free sample download at the Phonics Pow Toolkit as well as at the Super Tutor Tools store) Phonological and Phonemic Awareness charts, Multiple Meaning Words, Syllable Animals, Word Building and Substitution, Anchor Charts and word lists for: Hard or Soft C and G, /k/ at the beginning of words

Pattern charts that can be used as sort mats, posters, or printed on business cards for other sorts. Credits: Some artwork copyrighted by Mark A Hicks, illustrator, Used with permission. Sources for other graphics at Pinterest.

  • Games: CVC word roller, Roll a sight word sentence, Roll, Read, & Keep. Flower sort games for letters Y & S. Word Treasure games: Word families, Flossy words, Consonant-le, & Schwa.

More in freebies in articles at the Phonics Pow Blog:

Freebies at Pinterest

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