Free Phonics Pow Resources

Resources for the Phonics Pow Toolkit:

  • a freebie set with examples of games, worksheets and charts
  • Word Sort Games

Free resources at the Super Tutor Tools store at Teachers Pay Teachers include:

  • ebook: Phonics FUNdamentals
  • Bookmarks: Write the Patterns, Consonant Digraphs (plus word list), Fry Sight Words
  • Charts: Phonogram chart, Short/Long Vowel Chart, Vowel Pattern Chart, Phonological and Phonemic Awareness charts, Multiple Meaning Words, Syllable Animals, Word Building and Substitution, Anchor Charts and word lists for: Hard or Soft C and G, /k/ at the beginning of words

Pattern charts that can be used as sort mats, posters, or printed on business cards for other sorts. Credits: Some artwork copyrighted by Mark A Hicks, illustrator, Used with permission. Sources for other graphics at Pinterest.

  • Games: CVC word roller, Roll a sight word sentence, Roll, Read, & Keep. Flower sort games for letters Y & S. Word Treasure games: Word families, Flossy words, Consonant-le, & Schwa.

More in freebies in articles at the Phonics Pow Blog: