The Power of Phonics

Do you want to be a super reading tutor?

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Super Reading Tutors have the power to make a positive impact in the lives of their students. Students who learn to read well have the power to transform their lives for the better. The English language can be a nasty beast, but do not fear. It can be tamed with the super tools here at Phonics Pow! It’s as easy as ABC! We Add fun with games, Build skills with memorable rhymes, and use Color coding in a sensible sequence to arm tutors with the weapons they need to fit all the puzzle pieces together and get students decoding.
Phonics is a powerful way to teach reading and make a difference. Phonics has been shown by research to help all students learn to read, especially those who struggle. The mission of Phonics Pow is to give parents, teachers, and reading tutors everything they need to be Super Tutors so their students can be Super Readers.