The Power of Phonics

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When I became a volunteer reading tutor working with adult students, I saw the impact a lack of reading skills can have. I met students who were determined to learn to read, because a lack of skill meant that a door was closed to them.

The doors could be different, but all of them meant limits. Some wanted a better education or job, or a higher income. Others wanted to help a child with schoolwork, read to a grandchild, or to read the bible. Doors had been closed to opportunities, independence and freedom, and they wanted to open them. 

The difficulty is that English is weird, and it can be challenging to learn to read. Phonics is a powerful way to open doors and make a difference. Phonics has been shown by research to help all students learn to read, especially those who struggle. The mission of Phonics Pow is to give parents, teachers, and reading tutors the power to open doors with super tools to help students learn to read.