c before e will often soft /s/ be

Two special word families with a Silent e demonstrate how the letter c can make a soft /s/ sound. C before e will often soft /s/ be in the ace and ice word families. In some words like base, case, vase, and chase, s = /s/. A wise reader also knows the letter s can make the sound of /z/ as in nose when you smell a rose. These Silent e variations are included in the Phonics Pow Toolkit as it follows a logical sequence for learning reading. (III.a) The prize for the race is a nice rose in a vase.

Play a wordsearch with the ace and ice word families.

You will also see that c is often soft /s/ in words that start with c before e: cent, cell, center, cement, certain.

A printable word sort is included in the free word sort games set. There is also an online word sort with Silent e words with soft c, s=/s/ or /z/ & z=/z/.

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