Learn the Alphabet

Letter knowledge is one of the key skills to master reading.

WATCH videos of letter sounds from Turtle Diary at this Symbaloo collection.

WATCH videos at the Alphabet Animals tutorial at Wakelet

WATCH more videos: Letter Sounds from Turtle Diary (4:52), All letters from LogicofEnglish (1:42), Meet the Phonics from Preschool Company (41:10) Alphabet from Kids vs Phonics (29:02) Sound Pronunciations from sightwords.com. Learn the Alphabet with the Storybots (28:34) or a playlist with individual letters.  Vowels & Consonants from Lotty Learns (2:53), Short Vowels from Red Apple Reading (3:01), Long & Short from Scratch Garden (1:55)

Play online alphabet games at Wakelet

More Alphabet Resources:

PLAY Printables: Alphabet Chutes and Ladders: lowercase & uppercase from Super Simple, Mailbox ABC from Totschooling (6 pages, color), Fishing for Letters from Kindergarten Crayons (7 pages, color), Sammy the Starfish from Fuelthebrain.



Active, Board, and Card games at the ABCs of Games For Reading.

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