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PurpleCandleThere are seven syllable types. Learning the different syllable types helps makes sense of the different vowel sounds in the English language. We’ve learned about: Silent e, Bossy R, Diphthongs, Vowel Teams, and Open & Closed Syllables. The last syllable type to learn about is Consonant -le.

Consonant -le is an unaccented final syllable that contains a consonant and -le. The e at the end is silent, and creates a new sound: “ul”

The middle consonant doubles when it comes right after a short vowel. Try a rabbit or turtle online word sort.


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/ul/ variations

There are different spellings for the sound of /ul/. A helpful pupil says it is simple: an eagle is a symbol, a squirrel is a mammal. Try a wordsearch and an online word sort at /ul/ variations.

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