When two letters work together to make one vowel sound that is new, they may be called Diphthongs. These vowel combinations are not long or short (mostly), but make completely different vowel sounds. The letters OI and OY make the same sound. OU and OW do too sometimes, although they can make other sounds. These vowel combinations make sounds with mouth positions that change, the definition of a diphthong. The letters AU and AW make the same sound as a short o. The letters OO can make two different sounds: a short oo like in “foot” or a sound like a long u in “boot.”

Digraphs are two letters that make one sound, and diphthongs may be called vowel digraphs. Vowel teams that often make a long vowel sound are also vowel digraphs, so it is helpful to learn these separately. When Diphthongs are learned first, many of the remaining vowel combinations are long, although this is not always true and there are many variations to learn.

Exceptions: OW can also make a Long O sound in some words (like know and blow). Oh, Those OUGH Words explores some of the variations of OU. It can say OR like in pour, or OO like in soup, and different sounds when followed by the letters ld or gh.

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